👋🏼 Meet the Shellines

We are nearing the end of our May Sponsorship Drive. Our goal to reach 100 new sponsorships in May is a big goal, but we continue to trust that we can meet this goal with your help. Imagine the look on our children's faces when we share the good news of new sponsors and the party they will get to celebrate!

It would be nearly impossible to share an all-encompassing list of everything that goes on behind the scenes. We have teams in Sierra Leone and in the U.S. that work tirelessly to collaborate, coordinate, and execute both short-term and long-term projects to ensure The Raining Season is able to fulfill its mission.

Sponsorship alone includes not only our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, but also the collaboration of our aunties in Sierra Leone that coordinate Skype, our Executive Director, In-Country Director, Donations Coordinator, ambassadors, and the media team, to name a few. We often say, "It Takes a Village," and our village includes this team as well as countless prayer warriors and sponsors.

This week, we are highlighting a story of sponsorship. People are often connected to The Raining Season through a friend, church, or a current sponsor. However, the Shelline family discovered The Raining Season through a Google search.

Meet the Shelline family - Evan, Lauren, and their four children, Emma, Michael, Mary, and Peter. They currently live in Idaho. Dad, Evan, is a former Navy Seal. Currently, he works for a private company that provides anti-piracy security for U.S. merchant ships transiting the high-risk waters off Africa's east and west coasts. After spending six years on the east coast of Africa, he recently moved to working off the coast of West Africa.

Last October, Evan ported in Freetown for the first time. He was instantly drawn to Sierra Leone and everything he saw and experienced there. Evan was intrigued in a way he had not been by all of his other travels. He noticed how friendly the people in Freetown were. He sent pictures that struck not only him but also his wife, Lauren. Lauren began researching Sierra Leone and stumbled upon Founder Erica Rust's daughter's adoption story. Lauren read Jayda's adoption story on the Live Original Blog and started researching The Raining Season before eventually reaching out to our Sponsorship Coordinator. The Shelline family was quickly matched with two-year-old Mohamed Krabjo and began sponsoring him.

Sponsorship is truly changing the Shelline family's lives. They love Skyping with Mohamed, and they have embraced it with open arms. The family is learning everything they can about Sierra Leone, including how to speak Krio. The Shelline family also has a heart for seeing all of God's beauty and is currently planning a Sierra Leone move later this year.

The Shelline family also recently had the opportunity to share a gift with Mohamad when Evan's ship ported once again in Freetown. He was unable to get off the ship, but with the help of a local harbor pilot, he got the gift to Mohamed. The Shelline family shared a board game that Evan himself created and designed. They also shared a photo book of their family with Mohamed.

As the Shelline family prepares to make a big move to Sierra Leone, they are also hoping to support The Raining Season in any way that they can while they are there.

While the Shelline family stumbled across The Raining Season, it is safe to say that it was no accident. We know that the Lord is intertwined in everything we do. We are grateful for the many ways that people find us and link arms with us.

Currently, we have sponsors from 39 states and multiple countries! This week, can you help us reach all 50 states?

Many blessings,

The Raining Season