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We Need You!

Last week, we welcomed twin boys into our Center, and we URGENTLY need sponsors to support them. Meet Alusine and Alhassan Sesay. Alusine and Alhassan are five years old. Their father passed away when their mother was only three months pregnant with them. Struggling to support her family, mom recently reached out to Social Welfare to place the boys in an orphanage. Last week, they were placed in The Raining Season's care. They received a warm welcome from our kids and staff. Their new sponsors will also have the chance to show them love through financial support and Skype from the very beginning.

Our children often come to us with fresh trauma, desperately needing to feel that they are loved and cared for. With time and trust, they can let their lights shine once again. Co-founder Uncle Osseh Kamara shared what a new child intake looks like at our Center.

All of our children are placed with us through Social Welfare. Often, a parent or other family member will approach Social Welfare because they feel that they cannot care for their children. Child Welfare helps them fill out a form to gather general information about the child or children. Then, Social Welfare reaches out to TRS to present a potential placement. If The Raining Season determines that it has the capacity and resources to take in that child, the family brings the children to our Center. After arriving at the Center, they are greeted by our Social Welfare Department, including Mohamed Kargbo, Mollynette King, and Osseh Kamara. TRS has an interview process that is part of their intake process. The Raining Season asks for any information the family can share, including medical records, birth certificates, and collects any personal possessions. A new child also has a medical examination with a doctor to complete tests and any necessary follow-ups as a part of the intake process. Finally, Uncle Osseh communicates with our Sponsorship Coordinator, Karen Pyle, to relay information on the new child or children to share with their new sponsors.

While there are many logistics and standard practices, The Raining Season also has a special way of welcoming new children to the Center. Pastor Daniel does a formal welcome ceremony for each new child intake to show them just how loved they are at TRS. While timid and unsure, the kids are welcomed to their new home by their new brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Daniel shares a message, and the children sing songs and share their own welcome messages with the new children.

The Raining Season also recognizes that while the families may be unable to care for their children, they still love their children very much. Because of this, TRS invites families to visit twice a month. COVID-19 halted visits over the past year, but we are looking forward to welcoming families into the Center when it is once again safe.

Currently, The Raining Season provides a safe place to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day to ninety-five children and young adults at the Center and through the Roots Project. However, TRS has the space to serve more children. That is why we have set a BIG goal to double sponsorship in 2021. Doubling sponsorship will enable us to continue providing the very best care for our children's unique needs, and it will leave us with room to grow.

Did you know that Alusine and Alhassan are not the only set of multiples at our Center? In 2013 twin sisters, Memunatu and Isha Bai Kamara came to our Center, and several years later, triplet brothers Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego joined the TRS family. Now, you have a chance to help The Raining Season provide a safe haven for these boys through sponsorship. We ask that you prayerfully consider sponsoring one or both of the twins!

Are you interested in partnering with us to show these twins all of the love and support they deserve? Email our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, at to learn more.

Join us in praying for Alusine and Alhassan as they join The Raining Season family. We pray for a smooth transition and that they will know the love of Jesus through the staff, their brothers and sisters at the Center, and their sponsors.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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