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What Makes The Covering a Home

If you have been around for a while, you know about the kids, but it’s the caregivers, cooks, security guards, maintenance staff, teachers, administrators, nurses, Skype personnel, and others who love, protect, and provide, regardless of circumstance, who make TRS truly special.

This month, we have been sharing about the Na We Os Building Campaign. Na We Os is Krio for “This is our house.” The Covering is home to more than ninety children. The Covering provides shelter and stability for our children. We are so grateful for The Covering, which we have called home for ten years. While we can’t do what we do without a building, it is the staff that truly makes The Covering a home. This week, we are sharing our amazing staff and why The Covering is important to fulfilling our mission in Sierra Leone.

Our staff includes nearly seventy individuals. There are Caregivers who show up, care for, and love our children as their own. They spend extended periods of time away from their own families to love and serve our children.

There are cooks whose demanding job of cooking for nearly one hundred children is exhausting. Because of their tireless work, our children have three meals each day.

Our security team ensures that our compound is safe. We are thankful that our children and staff can play and sleep peacefully because they are well protected.

Our nurses ensure bumps, bruises, and scrapes are tended to, as well as more serious illnesses like malaria. They keep our kids healthy all through the year.

There is Skype personnel who provide our kids the opportunity to Skype with their sponsors on their scheduled days. They work through the technology woes and help the children communicate with their sponsors when help is needed.

We cannot forget our teachers who strive to help our children excel in school. They challenge them so that their dreams of becoming accountants, lawyers, and teachers might one day become a reality.

Our maintenance staff keeps our compound looking clean and welcoming, and our administration team keeps TRS running smoothly, taking care of the day-to-day business and other behind the scenes work.

Our staff also includes four leadership positions - Osseh Kamara, Sorie Kamara, Pastor Daniel Kamara, and Mohamed Kargbo. Their dedication to The Raining Season has helped us grow into the organization we are today. Their tireless efforts and servant hearts help to ensure TRS is able to fulfill its mission in Sierra Leone.

Pictured Above: Our leadership staff with Idris Elba during his visit to our center. From left to right - Pastor Daniel Kamara, Mohamed Kargbo, Idris Elba, Sorie Kamara, and Osseh Kamara.

Uncle Osseh Kamara is our in-country founder as well as the head of ROOTS Program Development. Osseh shared this about The Covering, “TRS as a ministry was born out of the desire to help orphans and vulnerable children and to provide a holistic care for their needs. Sierra Leone is underdeveloped, and poverty is widespread. Children are faced with a lot of challenges which do make life so difficult for them. As a ministry, our mission is to help alleviate these challenges by creating a safe environment or a safe home for these children, and The Covering has been very important in fulfilling this mission. We have been providing food, shelter, and medical and are also committed in giving them education up to university level and also the opportunity to reintegrate into society. We thank God for our numerous sponsors and our hard-working staff and families who are going beyond their limits to make all these happen. We are very much grateful and pray that our good Lord will continue to bless you all to make this ministry grow.”

Sorie Kamara is the Director of The Covering. He transitioned to this role in May of 2018. Sorie has an incredible vision for The Raining Season. He is a humble leader committed to serving the Lord and The Raining Season. Sorie shared, “The Covering has served as a safe home to so many children in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has been one of the poorest countries in the world, with so many challenges faced, especially by children. The Covering has helped TRS to provide a safe home to so many children in the country by enabling us to meet their needs while in our care. Through The Covering, we are able to provide a safe and loving environment where they won’t worry about what to eat or wear or where to sleep. In addition to that, we are able to provide a conducive learning environment to meet their educational needs as well as providing spiritual nurturing and guidance to raise a new generation that is completely transformed. The Covering allows us to keep providing a safe haven to many kids in Sierra Leone. Also providing job opportunities to families in the country. The Covering allows us to heal.”

Pastor Daniel Kamara serves as the primary spiritual leader for all of our children. He serves with joy and passion as he shares the gospel through devotions and preaching at church on Sundays. The Covering allows him to do this. Pastor Daniel shared about the vision of The Raining Season and our goal of one day having our own land to fulfill our mission. “Having land and a building of our own will help me, as a pastor, to help the ministry (Church) grow. We will do massive church planting.” Your commitment to the Na We Os Building Campaign will ensure that there is a place where Pastor Daniel can continue serving and discipling our children.

Our final leadership staff member is Mohamed Kargbo. Mohamed has been with The Raining Season since the very beginning. He is the Child Welfare Manager for TRS and serves as a liaison between TRS and the Ministry of Social Welfare. Mohamed also plays a key role in the intake of new children. Mohamed shared, “Significant efforts have been made since the establishment of TRS in Sierra Leone in the form of rescuing the orphans and taking good care of the less privileged and deprived children in the country. During this period of operation, the property that we host the children is a rented property, and it costs a lot of money in terms of paying the rent every year. I want to believe there are more kids out there who need our support and want to live a better life. So the mission of TRS in Sierra Leone is to rescue those orphans, less privileged and deprived children in the community and the nation as a whole.”

Our staff is more than their job titles. They go above and beyond every single day. They are a blessing to our children and all those in the TRS community, and they make The Covering a home to our children.

Can you help ensure The Covering remains our home in the coming year? We are halfway to our goal of $55,000 to fund The Covering for another year. Your 100% tax-deductible donation means another year in the same place our kids call home. Big or small, your donation makes a difference. THANK YOU for your continued support. We can’t do it without YOU!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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