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"We do what we do,
because they're worth it."
Erica Stone


The Raining Season is a non profit organization based in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our mission is to provide a hopeful future and seek justice for vulnerable children, in an effort to raise up a new generation, that will in turn bring hope for generations to come.


We move forth in an effort to rescue the orphaned and discarded through sponsorship, to empower the dreamer through education, and to restore the broken through discipleship and permanency. We embrace the heart of Matthew 28, raising a new generation, healed from the inside out… each life becoming a ripple of change, bringing hope for generations to come.


We make this happen through the 5 pillars of life: spiritual, safety, nutritional, educational, and medical. Our children receive 3 meals per day plus snacks and daily vitamins. They also have access to the highest quality medical care in Sierra Leone. They receive quality education and continue to score higher than most on all national testing. From school uniforms, play clothes, Sunday best, and shoes, to all the other necessities, our children receive clothing and other items on a regular basis. Children grow like weeds and much of our sponsorship budget covers clothing needs for each child. Our children find love, protection, and a family atmosphere, with the support of 60+ staff focused solely on their care.


Become a TRS Ambassador by committing to recruiting 2 new sponsors each month! Our sponsorship commitment is to provide a unique program like no other that is primarily based on a personal relationship. With your commitment to monthly support, you will have the opportunity to build a life long relationship with a child in great need. You'll also be able to experience the joy that comes from truly changing the life of another.


What does it look like to become a sponsor? As a sponsor you will receive communication from your sponsored child that may include some or all of the following: letters, photos, school updates, and artwork. In addition, we arrange for children to have monthly Skype visits with their sponsors. Skype is a free internet service that will allow you, the sponsor, to speak directly to your sponsored child via video-conference. As a sponsor you also have the opportunity to travel to The Covering to spend time with your sponsored child!

Become a TRS Ambassador

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