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Meet the Founders


Jason & Erica

"My husband and I get asked all the time, “What’s your story?” “How did The Raining Season begin?” “How on earth did you end up in Sierra Leone?” The answer is not exactly simple and honestly I’m not sure it can really be explained in a few short paragraphs to fit on a website “history” page.  I can give you a short version, however.


It all began with a photo:  a photo of a little girl on a website dedicated to finding...."


Osseh & Mabel

"I can remember when I first met Abioseh Kamara. It was our first visit to Sierra Leone. The war had recently ended. UN troops crowded the streets in an effort to promote peace and we were NOT supposed to be there. We had been given warning from the US Embassy and told it was not the time to travel due to the risk of violence… the country was just too unstable. We went anyway… we had a daughter to find and there was no...." 

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