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The Roots Home

A new chapter is beginning at The Raining Season. On Sunday, the Roots Home officially opened its doors!! The Roots Home is designed to be a transitional home with a goal to facilitate healthy transitions for older children into life outside The Center. The Roots Home is part of a bigger vision that has been in the making for several years. Osseh Kamara and Charles Currie have been working together to develop and implement this project. Charles and Ally Currie have been busy preparing the home for the seven older children that just moved in on Sunday!! Rooms have been painted by teams, furniture has been built by local carpenters and every detail has been carefully planned and prepared. The beautiful home includes a large dining area and several areas to relax, build community and gather together.

While living in the Roots Home, the older kids will learn how to live independently in a supportive environment that allows them to develop the independence needed to transition into adulthood. They will continue to attend school while considering their goals and aspirations for the future. The program will work to connect youth to opportunities that are individualized to their interests and strengths. This might include attending college or apprenticeships in sewing/tailoring, hospitality, and carpentry. The Raining Season is continuously working to develop more relationships for apprenticeship opportunities. While at the Roots Home, they will develop the life skills that are necessary to live and be productive citizens of Sierra Leone.

Please join us in prayer for the transition of the kids, that they may continue to boldly serve the Lord. Pray for Charles and Ally Currie as they serve, disciple and mentor the youth living in the Roots Home. Pray for the effectiveness in preparing them to live on their own. We pray that this new season will create abundant opportunities for the young men and women that walk through the doors.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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