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April General Mission Team

We have shared what to expect when you travel. However, nothing paints a better picture than hearing about a recent team’s visit. In April, a team of eleven traveled to our center in Sierra Leone. Led by Laura Bohnke, six first time travelers and four returning travelers from around the country set off on a general mission team to Sierra Leone. While in-country, teams typically participate in community outreach, a service project, beach day and most importantly, lots of time with and loving on the kids at our center. While some teams take part in similar activities, it always proves to be a unique experience, and the takeaway from travelers is always different.

The April team brought and unpacked supplies for the center. They also visited an outside school, bringing them supplies. An extra special part of their trip was hosting a girls’ night at the Roots Home for all of the teenage girls. During the girls’ night, they did makeup, nails, made gift bags, watched a movie, and ate dinner together. As you can imagine, our teenage girls loved this special night!

Community outreach is another activity each team participates in. Pastor Daniel does a wonderful job ministering and sharing the gospel with the surrounding community. It is special to join him and witness him sharing the love of Jesus with so many people, many hearing it for the very first time. The April team’s community outreach was visiting Faith International School, a local community school. They brought school supplies, shared encouragement with their staff and students, and listened to what they are doing there. This is the same school that several past travelers have helped fund and currently still support. The children at Faith International certainly enjoy meeting our teams, singing for them and sharing what they are learning in school.

It was a full week with many activities planned throughout the week. Laura shared that the team mostly enjoyed being at the center with the kids. “This team did a great job incorporating themselves into playing sports, cards, helping with homework, sharing during devotional times, and just being present with the kids.” As you can imagine, it was a memorable week for both the team and our kids.

Are you considering traveling? There is still time to travel in 2019! You can also begin planning and saving to travel in 2020. Upcoming travel dates for 2020 will be announced later this year. Team leader, Laura Bohnke shared her advice to first-time travelers. “My advice for first-time travelers is to relax. It seemed that several of our new travelers were nervous, but ultimately they came very prepared. Apart from planning ahead (and having thorough packing lists), I think it’s really important for new travelers to ask a lot of questions beforehand so they have an idea of what to expect. But, more than anything, being flexible, open to the Spirit’s leading, and staying relaxed will help a new traveler get the most from their trip experience!”

Thank you, Laura and team, for sharing your experience with us! If you are interested in learning more about travel, you can email for more information.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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