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Discover Sierra Leone – Leicester Peak

Sierra Leone is home to many beautiful beaches and interesting places that our teams have had the opportunity to visit over the years. The National Railway Museum, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and National Museum are only a few local attractions teams have visited over the years. One attraction that most teams visit is Leicester Peak.

sierra leone mountains

Leicester Peak is a mountain in the Western Area of Sierra Leone. The peak is 1,850 feet above sea level and offers stunning panoramic views of Freetown, the Western Area Peninsula National Park, and the Sierra Leone River Estuary. The peak is named after the town of Leicester, located nearby. The town was founded by freed slaves brought to Freetown by the British Royal Navy West African Squadron in the early 19th century. The peak was likely named by Thomas Ludlam, who served three terms as Governor of Sierra Leone until 1908 and was born in Leicester, England. The peak was used as a lookout point by the British during the colonial era.

Leicester Peak is also home to the Leicester Peak transmitting station, which is located on the mountaintop. The station is owned by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation and is used to transmit radio and television signals to the Western Area of Sierra Leone. The Leicester Peak transmitting station was built in the 1960s. Because of its height, coverage extends as far as Makeni and Bo to the east.

From Leicester Peak, teams have viewed not only the panoramic views of Freetown but also the U.S. Embassy and the site of the devastating 2017 mudslide. On a clear day, you can see both the ocean and the tops of the broadcasting towers on the peak. Leicester Peak is easily accessible by car, but many locals also use the hiking trails that lead to the summit.

When you travel on a team to our center in Sierra Leone, you have the opportunity to spend time with our children and staff and build relationships with them, but you also get to participate in community outreach and experience the culture and what Sierra Leone has to offer. There is still time to travel in November this year! Email to learn more.

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The Raining Season

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