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Mosquito Nets for Kono

The heart of TRS is helping those in need – regardless of where or what the need is. As our Founder Erica Rust, Executive Director Lori Pyle, and leadership staff in Sierra Leone prepared to visit Kono for The Raining Season’s lease signing ceremony to secure 100 acres of land in early September, they also wanted to serve the community that we will soon call home in a practical way. With the help of many generous donors, The Raining Season planned to distribute mosquito nets to families in the Tankoro Chiefdom, a district in Kono. As The Raining Season looks ahead to the future, we will have the opportunity to root our work in the Kono community, serving not only the children in our care but also hundreds of children and families outside the gates. Distributing mosquito nets is only the beginning.

Why mosquito nets? The statistics are alarming. According to the CDC, malaria is the leading cause of death in Sierra Leone. According to the DHS, 12% of children under the age of five die each year from malaria. How is this possible? Only 16% of households have enough mosquito nets to cover their entire family. That is why, prior to the trip, our founder launched a campaign to raise funds to be able to bless families in the Kono district with mosquito nets. On the trip, TRS was able to distribute enough mosquito nets to cover two hundred households in Kono. The response to raising the fund resulted in overwhelming support, so in addition to mosquito nets, The Raining Season was also able to provide food staples, including rice, palm oil, Maggi, baby food, and cookies for the children.

While in the Tankoro Chiefdom district, The Raining Season enlisted the help of community leaders and Meya Mining Company to ensure fair distribution. They helped package, deliver, and distribute all of the resources the donations helped provide. These leaders explained the importance of using the mosquito nets to protect their families. The team started by sharing the cookies with the children. Then, the children and their families registered for the distribution of the nets and the rest of the food. The community was so thankful for each and every provision.

Erica shared about this community outreach on Instagram, Just know that even if you’re not on the ground, just by investing and committing to be there for us, it’s part of it. It takes a village, and so much of what we do, we couldn’t do without you – the support, the love, the financial support. It was so amazing being able to go out and distribute nets and food and get to know the community out in Tankoro. You all were part of that, those of you that decided to step up to the plate. I’m looking forward to the future.” Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign. It was an honor to serve the Tankoro Chiefdom through your generous support.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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