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Throwback Thursday - Travel

Last summer, we cautiously resumed travel for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. We welcomed two teams to our center, and to say our kids and staff were excited to welcome the first teams to our center in two and a half years is an understatement. There were big hugs and a lot of catching up to do. They were busy trips, and many things were accomplished, but most importantly, it was good to be together again.

As we prepare to send our next two teams in September and November, we wanted to share some of our favorite travel memories with you.

In June 2014, a team led by Matt Pearson hosted a Vacation Bible School at the center. The team invited children from the surrounding community, and nearly seventy kids from outside the center walls attended. The children had so much fun, and many of them heard about Jesus for the first time. Community outreach has always been an important part of what The Raining Season does, and our in-country staff does an outstanding job of identifying needs within the community.

Beach day is always highly anticipated by the kids when teams visit. On some trips, we have been fortunate to take EVERYONE, and on other trips, team members each invite a couple of children to join them at the beach. In January 2019, our team treated all of our children with a trip to the beach. This trip was particularly special because Pastor Daniel baptized fifteen children in the Atlantic Ocean. Pastor Daniel, along with the rest of the staff at The Raining Season, pour into these children day in and day out. They share Jesus and the Gospel with them. They disciple and encourage them while showing them the transformational power of Jesus. Lives have truly been transformed by Pastor Daniel and the staff as new believers put their hope in Jesus. Some of the changes these children have seen are a true testament to the healing power of Jesus and the work that Pastor Daniel and the TRS staff have done.

Our final Throwback Thursday memory is where teams stayed when they visited the center. Did you know that teams used to stay onsite at the center? Until travel was paused due to Ebola, teams stayed in the guest apartments, sleeping in bunk beds just like the kids! Being right there was special because you had so much time with the kids. Now, teams stay at The Hub Hotel in Freetown. While teams enjoy the modern conveniences of a full restaurant, wifi, air conditioning, and hot showers, we do often miss the days of waking up to their sweet voices outside our windows.

We are so grateful for the sacrifices our teams make to travel to our center. It is so encouraging to see how travel impacts not only our kids but also our staff, the city of Freetown, and our teams. Lives have been changed forever, and God’s kingdom has grown.

Our September team is FULL, but there is still room to travel on our November team! Our staff and kids are excited to welcome a full team to the center. We are looking forward to an exciting travel season and sharing the experiences with you! Are you interested in joining our November team? Email to learn more or fill out an APPLICATION.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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