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Time to Party!

In September, our older kids started the school year at a brand new school. This was a great change for our kids. Their new school is conveniently located closer to the center than their former school. With a growing number of our kids attending school outside of the center, transportation to and from school can be a challenge at times. Now, their new school is close enough that the kids can walk there. While starting at a new school can be a bit of an adjustment, our kids have fallen into their new school routine beautifully. They are studying hard, performing well, and making many new friends. 

In October, while we had a team in-country, the team threw a big party for all of our kids. Parties have become a bit of a staple in our travel teams’ agendas, and the kids absolutely love it! The girls enjoy getting ready. Everyone, from the littlest to the biggest kids, has a fantastic time dancing and eating a tasty meal!  

This party was different than the others because there were some special guests in attendance. All of our big kids were able to invite two friends from school. As we all know, the opportunity to spend time with friends outside of school is common in America. However, for our kids at the center, this is very rare. Because of this, the chance to spend time with their friends outside of school and also create special memories with their friends is priceless.

The evening included some of our kids’ favorite things; a delicious dinner with chicken and dancing. Also, the evening would not be complete without a dance competition between the TRS kids and their friends from school. We love these unique memories that teams are able to provide for our children.

Thank you to our travel team and the TRS staff for making this evening possible!  As you can see from their smiles in the pictures, these kids loved the party! Thank you to all of our supporters who continue to make these special memories possible for our kids.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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