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Upcoming Summer Trips: What to Expect When Traveling with TRS

The summer travel season is drawing closer each day.  Summer is when the largest number of teams travel to our center.  While teams are filling quickly, there is still time to join us on an unforgettable trip this year!

April TBD

Rodan + Fields Mission Team: Leanne Lynch

May 26-June 8

Education Team: Susan Blankenship

June 13-22

General Mission Team: Matthew Pearson

July 4-13

General Mission Team: Megan Garrett

October 10-19

General Mission Team/Roots Emphasis: Charles Currie

November 7-16

General Mission Team: Sheri Barnett

What can you expect if you travel?

First and foremost, you will have the opportunity to make personal connections and relationships with the kids at the center. They will know people care about them and love them. They will get one-on-one attention that is difficult to get as one of nearly one hundred children in an orphanage.

Service projects - Service projects are an opportunity to complete projects around the center or the Roots home. There are many tasks that fall outside of the day to day duties of the staff. It might include painting, cleaning, or building something.

Playtime - Each day, the kids have playtime in the afternoon. Playtime is an hour of soccer, basketball, games, hair planting (braiding), and sweating.

Community Outreach - While in Freetown, there is an opportunity to serve others in the community. Teams have visited schools in the community, hospitals, and participated in a feeding program for war widows. It is a unique opportunity to see Freetown and life outside of the center. It is also an opportunity for Pastor Daniel to share the gospel with others in the community.

Group Devotions - Nightly devotions are many travelers’ favorite part. Whether it is small group devotions in the individual apartments or whole group devotions, you will experience worship and praise in a spectacular way. You will observe how Jesus is working in Sierra Leone and how Jesus heals.

Beach Day - On Saturday, teams have the opportunity to take kids from the center to River No. 2 Beach, just outside of Freetown. River No. 2 Beach will leave you in awe of God’s creation. Its beauty rivals some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The kids will keep you busy swimming and playing in the water.

Market - While in Freetown, you will have the opportunity to visit an African Market. The African Market is a great chance to support the local economy and purchase some authentic African souvenirs.

African Meal - Auntie Marie will prepare an authentic African meal for you. Cassava leaves, groundnut, rice, and chicken may be on the menu, and if you are lucky, she will make a chocolate cake for dessert.

Church - On Sunday, travelers will experience church at the center. Pastor Daniel shares the message while the kids lead many of the other parts of worship, including a choir and Sunday school.

Travel with The Raining Season is a unique way to love and serve. Whether 2020 will be your first trip your fourth, our team leaders are looking forward to guiding, loving, and serving alongside our teams. To learn more about travel click here.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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