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Why Is Travel Important?

Travel is a key component of The Raining Season and part of what makes The Raining Season unique. Sponsorship and travel allow you to develop personal relationships with our kids and staff. Our kids know they are loved when they hear they have a new sponsor, when they receive a letter from their sponsor, after a Skype session, or when their sponsor travels to visit them on a team.

Beyond loving and serving in Sierra Leone, travel is important for other reasons, too. Did you know that each traveler brings two full-sized suitcases filled with supplies for our center? This could be medications or medical supplies for our clinic, diapers for the babies and toddlers, school supplies for our school, or household items for the apartments.

These items can be difficult to purchase in Sierra Leone or very expensive in Freetown, so having teams bring these items is very valuable. With more than two years in between teams traveling because of the pandemic, these much-needed supplies were missed, so replenishing and bringing new supplies is more important than ever.

The Raining Season staff and children are looking forward to welcoming three teams to our center in 2023. Are you interested in joining The Raining Season on a short-term mission trip to Sierra Leone led by our Executive Director, Lori Pyle? Our first team of 2023, led by Lori, will be traveling April 22-30. Our April team is growing, but there is still time to join. All APPLICATIONS are open for all 2023 travel.

GlobalGiving Grant

Last June, The Raining Season was chosen by Idris and Sabrina Elba, along with Christian Louboutin, as 1 of 6 organizations WORLDWIDE to participate in their second Walk a Mile in My Shoes Campaign. In January, The Raining Season received a GlobalGiving grant made in partnership with Christian Louboutin LLC. We are honored and grateful for this generous gift that will enable TRS to continue its mission in Sierra Leone.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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