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The Roots Program

We do what we do because they're worth it.

The Raining Season was founded in 2009 and provides housing, education, medical care, and life necessities to orphans in Sierra Leone. We strive to provide a foundation for hope and a bright future.

Meet the Kids



Mary is 18 years old

Aspirations: Become a journalist

Interests: School and modeling



Alie is 19 years old

Aspirations: Become a children's rights/adoption attorney

Interest: Social work

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The Raining Season created the Roots program to embrace children who are set to age out of the orphanage and transition to life on their own. Without a strong caring transition, those who age out are at high risk of homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse and maltreatment in the fifth poorest country in the world.
The children who are with Roots learn independence, career development, and life skills including personal finance, operating a household, and navigating public transportation. Roots' mission is to identify the best path for each child based on their individual strengths: college, trade school, employment, etc. because these young adults of today are likely the future leaders of Sierra Leone.

By the Numbers

  • 13 Girls
  • 9 Boys
  • 2 Housemothers
  • $6,500 - 1yr. Rent
  • $8,000 - 1yr. Food/Necessities
  • $2,240 - 1 yr. Schooling

Our Goal

Raise $34,000
for one year of rent and the operation of two transitional homes.
Will you help us provide the homeless with a home?
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