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Meet Sam Laggah

Each time we present a staff member, we continue to be reminded of how incredibly blessed we are by a caring and dedicated staff. Our in-country staff goes above and beyond day in and day out. In 2014 and 2015, during the Ebola outbreak, our staff left their families to spend an extended amount of time caring for our kids at the center. Our staff loves the kids as if they are their own. They disciple, mentor and encourage our kids, helping them to see that they are a child of God. They are not their circumstances, and they are not without hope. Today, we have the opportunity to introduce you to Sam Laggah.

Sam joined The Raining Season as a staff member just over a year ago. He was connected to TRS by a friend who shared our organization with him. After a successful interview, he was hired as the Logistics Officer, working in the main office.

Sam comes from a large family. He is one of nineteen children! Sam takes pride in that he is the only member of his family to be educated. Like many of our staff members, education is of high importance to Sam.

While Sam is part of the administrative staff, his educational background makes him a unique asset to The Raining Season. Sam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from The Evangelical College of Theology-Jui. Additionally, he is continuing his education at Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone, working on a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Religious Studies. His in-depth study of theology and religion provides him the opportunity to share the gospel and wealth of knowledge with our children at the center.

Although Sam is one of our newest staff members, he already has had an impact on our staff, our kids, and even travelers. Sam is intelligent and hardworking. He is dedicated to serving our kids and our organization. Seeing the ministry that The Raining Season is, has helped Sam to see how important his dream to work in ministry is. Working at The Raining Season allows Sam the opportunity to serve vulnerable children, something that is important to him.

We are thankful for Sam and looking forward to the impact that he will continue to have at our center.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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