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89 Reasons to Say Yes!

There are eighty-nine reasons why we say yes every day. Between The Covering and The Roots Houses, eighty-nine children and young adults depend on us for a bed to sleep in, nutritious food, essential medical care, the opportunity to go to school, and spiritual nurturing every day.

Last week, we shared that the mattresses at The Covering need to be replaced. Some are in dire need of being replaced immediately, while it is only a matter of time before they all need to be replaced. Our Meet the Need goal is to raise $7,000 to purchase eighty-eight mattresses for The Covering. We are so grateful that as of Tuesday morning, we have already raised the funds to purchase thirty-two mattresses over the past week. We are over a third of the way there!

This week, we want to introduce you to three of the children at The Covering who are in need of a new mattress.

Meet Alhaji. Alhaji came to our center in September 2019. He is thirteen years old. There are many unknowns about his past. However, we know one thing for sure. Alhaji can count on having a bed to sleep in each night. He has an apartment he shares and aunties to love and care for him. The stability of a bed to sleep in each night over the past four years has allowed Alhaji not only to survive but thrive! A new mattress means he will rest easy so his light continues to shine.

Meet Joseph. Joseph lives in the Hope Apartment. He was found wandering the streets of Freetown in June of 2016 when we took him in. Joseph has developmental delays and speaks very little. At over six feet, he is also extremely tall! Joseph loves to sing, give hugs, and spend time outside the Hope Room with all the kids. Even though Joseph is primarily non-verbal, he radiates joy. The Raining Season has become known in Freetown for the incredible care they give children with special needs. When you donate to our Meet the Need campaign, you ensure that children with special needs at our center have a new mattress in a place where they can be loved and cared for, just as they deserve.

Meet Kadiatu. Kadiatu and her brother Sullay are the newest children to come to our center. They came to The Raining Season in August of this year. Kadiatu is twelve years old and a bright young girl. She enjoys school, and her favorite subject is reading. She also likes to jump rope. Donating to our Meet the Need campaign ensures that every new child we welcome into our care has a safe and comfortable place to sleep on their first night at The Covering.

These are just three of the children in need of new mattresses. Each child has their own story, but they have one thing in common. They would not be where they are today without The Covering. With seven days to go, we still need to raise $4,420 for every child to have a new mattress. We know we ask a lot of our supporters and sponsors. We depend on your generosity and are grateful that when a need arises, so many are willing and able to step in and support us through prayer and financially. When you give to this Meet the Need campaign, you ensure every child has a bed to sleep in each night.

Can you donate $80 to cover the cost of one mattress for Alhaji, Joseph, or Kadiatu? Whether it’s $5, $10, $20, or $100, your donation makes a difference. Thank you for once again linking arms with us and helping us MEET THE NEED!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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