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October Update

This week, we have a couple of quick updates from Sierra Leone to share with you, including a Meet the Need Fundraiser update, Basic Education Certificate Exam results, and an update on sponsorship for our newest kids. The kids have been busy settling back into their school routine, but they are anxiously awaiting our November team’s arrival in just a few short weeks.

Meet the Need

Our in-country staff is truly amazing. They are dedicated to serving our children and committed to carrying out our mission in Sierra Leone. They are humble and rarely make requests for themselves. That is why when Sorie, our in-country director, reached out to our Executive Director about needing four laptops for our staff members; we knew it was truly a need. Thanks to your generous support, we have raised $900 of the $1,000 needed to purchase these laptops to assist our staff in their jobs. We are working to raise the remaining $100 by the end of the week. THANK YOU to everyone who has already given. You can still help us MEET THE NEED. $5, $10, or $25, your donation makes a difference.


The Raining Season values education and its importance in the lives of the children we serve. Your support offers opportunity through education for our children. Earlier this year, some of our kids took the Basic Education Certificate Exam, and last week, they received their results. Abdul, Josephine, Aminata, Sorie, Alusine, Yeanoh, Elizabeth, Kadiatu, and Blessing successfully passed the exam and have now promoted to Senior Secondary school! That means that in 2022 alone, we saw our first young adult enter university. Now, eight more young adults are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to join Mary at university as they complete entrance exams and admissions interviews. This school year, nearly all of our students promoted to the next grade level. Our onsite school has opened its doors to serve the surrounding community, and in addition to serving thirty-one children from our center, eighty-nine children from the community are now attending our school. Now, nine students have promoted to Senior Secondary School. We are proud of all our children and their hard work. They have gone above and beyond in their studies as they prepare to become future leaders in Sierra Leone and beyond.


In September, we welcomed ten new children to our center. We have diligently been working to find sponsors for these children. We are grateful for the many people who have stepped in and shared their stories or begun sponsoring them. Your love and financial commitment have helped these kids settle in at our center. We currently have ninety-nine children in our care. Your support helps The Raining Season provide the best possible care while meeting their basic needs, including safety, education, medical and mental health, spiritual and nutrition. We do not take the sacrifices our sponsors make to love and support our kids at the center for granted. However, we are still in need of more sponsors. Learn more about SPONSORSHIP on our website or by emailing our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, at

The Lord has been good to us. In the midst of trials and triumph, we rejoice. He is faithful, and we trust in Him. Thank you for linking arms with us and meeting us here each week.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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