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December Update

2021 is quickly coming to a close. Our in-country staff has been busy preparing for our Christmas party, and we are looking forward to sharing all of the details of this special day that our kids and staff look forward to every year. This week, we have a couple of quick updates from Sierra Leone to share with you.

At the beginning of November, we shared that some regular maintenance and updates were taking place at the center. Because of COVID, it had been eighteen months since our landlord was able to help with the upkeep of our compound. We are excited to share that all of the exterior painting has been completed, and it looks wonderful! This facelift is a welcome sight to our staff, kids, and visitors.

As the year comes to an end, our kids are also preparing for their end of term exams at school. We pray for our children - that they will excel in their exams and for a successful second term in 2022. They have been working very hard throughout the first term, and we are proud of their dedication to school.

Finally, join us in congratulating Auntie Princess Ngawojah, who was married last week. Princess has been a part of The Raining Season staff for many years. She is currently serving in the Skype room. Congratulations, Princess! We are grateful for you, and we wish you many years of happiness with your new husband.

Thank you for your continued support of The Raining Season, not only during the Christmas season but all through the year. We are blessed by your continued support and prayers.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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