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Meet Elizabeth Kamara

The Raining Season is blessed by a caring and dedicated staff. Our in-country staff goes above and beyond day in and day out. Caregivers, cooks, security guards, maintenance staff, teachers, administrators, nurses, Skype personnel, and others love, protect, and provide for our children, regardless of circumstance. In 2014 and 2015, they made sacrifices during the Ebola outbreak and again in 2020 when our center adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our staff disciples, mentors, and encourages our kids. They are a blessing to our children and all those in the TRS community, and it is the staff that truly makes The Covering a home. Today, we have the opportunity to introduce you to one of our staff members, Elizabeth Kamara.

Auntie Elizabeth first joined The Raining Season staff in June 2012. She spent nine months at TRS before leaving. However, she later reapplied and was once again hired in 2014. Auntie Elizabeth serves as a Finance Officer. As a Finance Officer, some of her duties include completing bank transactions, updating accounting records, preparing checks, reconciling monthly bank statements, and sending out memos.

Education is very important to Elizabeth. She graduated with a Certificate in Business Studies and a Diploma in Accounting and Finance from Milton Margai College of Education and Technology. She also received a certificate in Business Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Management. Her education and training make her an asset to The Raining Season staff.

Aside from education, family is also very important to Elizabeth. She is the second of four children raised by her mother and father. She also has a son who is nine years old and in grade five.

Auntie Elizabeth is hardworking and kind. She works behind the scenes on the administrative side to ensure The Raining Season is able to keep its doors open and serve our children. She is grateful for the TRS family and how working for the organization makes her feel loved and like she belongs. Even on the most challenging days, she is thankful for the children who can’t help but bring a smile to her face. Auntie Elizabeth is grateful every day for the many supporters of TRS who encourage the staff, support The Raining Season financially, and pray for our children and staff.

Like so many on our staff, Auntie Elizabeth shares the vision of The Raining Season expanding and continuing to grow. She hopes that TRS will one day have its own property that would allow it to care for more children. As our children continue to grow, she dreams of their futures right along with them. She would like to see our kids achieve important positions in the world and give back to society.

Auntie Elizabeth, thank you for the years of dedicated service to The Raining Season! Thank you for your servant’s heart, hard work, and everything you do for our children. We are grateful for you!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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