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Roots Home Feature: Meet Alimamy

Two years ago this month, the next chapter for several of the children in our TRS family began.  We opened the doors to the Roots home to continue providing new opportunities to the children we care for.  It was part of a larger program, the Roots Project.  As The Raining Season neared its tenth anniversary, we continued to pursue our mission each day.  As TRS grew, many of our children neared closer to aging out.  This brought a new opportunity to adapt and adjust our mission to our changing needs.  The Roots Project was born out of the desire to help facilitate healthy transitions for older children into life outside of the center. One of our main goals is to connect our children to opportunities that are individualized to their interests and strengths while promoting healthy development through a myriad of life skills, education, and vocational training.  

Alimamy Kamara was one of the founding members of the Roots home.  Alimamy is nineteen years old.  He was referred to The Raining Season by World Hope and soon after, joined The Raining Season family.  Alimamy was abandoned as a teenager, and he lived in one of the poorest camps in Freetown.  Since coming to TRS, Alimamy has grown into a responsible young man.

Education is very important to Alimamy.  He studies and works hard in school, and it shows!  A year ago this past July, he took the National Exam and was promoted to grade 10.  His favorite subjects in school are math, business management, and commerce.  Alimamy dreams of one day going on to University.

While Alimamy excels in school, and he also loves to play soccer.  He plays on his school’s soccer team as well as the center’s soccer team.  Last fall, he had the opportunity to compete in a friendly match against the Sierra Football Academy with a group of boys from the center.   After competing in the friendly match, Alimamy, along with nine other boys, were invited to join the Sierra Football Academy’s training sessions.  Alimamy dreams of one day becoming a professional soccer player. 

Without the Roots home, Alimamy may not have had the same opportunity to continue his education or join the Sierra Football Academy.  The Roots Project continues to cultivate opportunities for our young adults to thrive within Sierra Leone.  Alimamy needs two more sponsors.   Will you be a part of helping Alimamy achieve his hopes and dreams? 

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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