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Roots Update

Earlier this year, we shared a three-part update on The Roots Project. Since opening our doors in 2018, we have seen The Roots Project grow from six young adults to serving sixteen – nine young men and seven young women. We have grown from one house to two. The young adults have learned essential life skills, started internships, and our first young adult entered college earlier this year. The Raining Season is so excited for what the futures of these young adults hold as we continue to grow and navigate this new season.

Our leadership staff, both stateside and in Sierra Leone, have been working together diligently to help our Roots kids grow and succeed. Each member of the Roots team plays an integral part in fulfilling our mission. They are passionate about serving and committed to the success of The Roots Project. Recently, Mohamed, our social welfare manager, and Pastor Daniel have been meeting with the kids one-on-one. These one-on-one meetings allow them to not only disciple the young adults but also discuss their futures.

MEDIX mentorships are also set to start soon. After wrapping up in May and taking a break for the summer, eight Roots kids will have the opportunity to participate this year. Each participant will be assigned two mentors to meet virtually monthly. Once again, their new mentors will build a relationship with their mentees while facilitating conversations that help our kids focus on their futures. This is an opportunity for these young adults to build confidence and expand their communication skills.

Currently, five Roots kids are taking part in internships. The internships are an opportunity to learn skills and trades. These internships might align with future career goals, or they might teach them responsibility and important life skills that will inevitably help them in the future. Issa has been learning the skill of sewing from a local tailor. Not only does he enjoy this internship, but he is also doing very well. Lawrence, Sheku, and Alie have been completing an internship at a local resort that will end in late October. Lawrence and Sheku are waiters in the restaurant, while Alie works in logistics and serves as a receptionist. The resort manager is very impressed with the boys’ work ethic and even sees the potential to expand the internship opportunities with The Raining Season. Finally, Fatmata expressed interest in a cosmetology internship. Through the support of a sponsor, Fatmata has been able to participate in a cosmetology internship, which she loves. There are more internships that are being explored, and we are excited to see our kids try new skills.

Finally, after taking the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam (WASSCE) this past spring, eight of our Roots kids passed! These students worked incredibly hard to study and prepare for this exam, attending extra classes and tutoring sessions. Their dedication to their studies over the past year has paid off, and they are one step closer to enrolling in university. The next step is applying and interviewing at the universities. Two of our kids have already had interviews at universities. The goal is to complete the process in time to enroll and start classes in January, but this could be later for some of the kids. Isatu (Public Health), Sheku (Information Technology), Sulaiman (Social Work), Ibrahim (Social Work), Fatmata (Public Administration), and Alie (Human Resource Management) hope to join Mary at Milton Margai University. Alimamy (Business Administration) and Memunatu (Procurement and Logistics) plan to attend The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM).

We are grateful to see the kids thriving in the Roots Home. Our Roots director, Sheri Barnett, is looking forward to visiting our center and our Roots homes when she leads the upcoming November team. She has not traveled since becoming the Roots Director, so she is anticipating the opportunity to sit down with the Roots kids and staff.

The Raining Season is so grateful for your continued prayers and financial support for these young adults. We are thankful for their sponsors who have continued to support them as they transitioned from our center to a Roots home. Your heart and love for these kids is something that will have a long-term impact on their lives.

Will you join us in praying for The Roots Project? We pray for each young adult, their heart, and their passions and that they know they are loved and supported. Pray for them as they continue to study for their exams, prepare for university applications and interviews, complete internships, and continue to learn new life skills.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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