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Roots Update #3

The children who are part of The Roots Project are learning independence, career development, and life skills. Part of the mission of The Roots Project is to identify the best path for each young adult based on their individual strengths. As The Roots Project continues to grow, our leadership team is working to create new relationships that will benefit our kids and help The Roots Project carry out its mission. Through the Roots, these young adults will be equipped to become future leaders of Sierra Leone.

Photo Credit: Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal

Last week, we shared about an internship that three of our young adults recently completed. The internship was completed at the seaport at Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal (NSBT). Mary, Fatmata, and Alie had the opportunity to complete a three-month internship at the seaport with NSBT. Each young adult shared about their experience and their takeaways from the internship.

Mary shared, “I enjoyed my internship with the NSBT family. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things with them. It was a really good experience to work there. As for me, I was placed at the H.S.E department to help as a first aider. We do keep water when operations are on. We made sure that everybody is putting on their safety boots, hard hats, flags, and dust masks, so that everybody will feel safe while working. I learned a lot of new things, and it was a great and fun time working. I liked everything I was doing.”

Fatmata shared, “I worked in a company called Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal (NSBT). In the company I was working as a storekeeper, and I got to know most of my workers at the store and they taught me most of the stuff in the store like the machine parts and other things and also how to distribute items whenever the stuff comes for something they needed in the store.

Well, the experience of working was good, and I felt so much joy within myself the first day I started to work. At first I was scared because I had to meet with different people. But when I got to know them I was not scared anymore, because the people there were nice and they also have this teamwork spirit in them.”

Alie shared, “I did my internship in a company at a port which is about an hour drive away from home. I really did have a great time at the office with everybody loving us, and although it was a bit tough for me the moment I started, especially with the time.

During the internship, I had to wake up as early as 5 in the morning to get prepared for work. I was a bit too lazy to wake up early on the first week and my boss really pressured and questioned me a lot on my time. My work time was from 7 in the morning to noon, but I got used to it as time passed by.

I worked in two different departments, which are the technical and stores department. In the technical department, I was put in charge of the company’s fuel and oil. My first duty of the day was to distribute fuel to the cars and machines of the company that needed it. I assisted in the checking of machines and aided in the maintenance if there was damage or needed to be repaired. I helped to change tires and brake pads on a car. I was also fortunate to enter and aid in some operations in different ships.

And also for the store department, I used to help in the distribution of supplies, tools, and other items used in different machines and ships. I was also working as the store receiver, which I received the items, counted them, and then I signed for the received items.

I really had a great time at the office with everyone sharing their knowledge to us with love and patience. And so, as a result of their willingness to help and teach us, I was able to know and learn about a lot of new things. It was really a good opportunity to work in such a big company with having no idea about work and the company and exciting it was a huge experience. A big thanks to the company (NSBT) for their love and support towards us.”

The Raining Season is very grateful for this opportunity with Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal. It provided an incredible opportunity for The Roots Project. These three young adults were able to manage the internship, school, and their responsibilities at the Roots House. Each young adult walked away from this experience with new knowledge and skills.

The Roots Project looks forward to the opportunity to expand internships in the future. There are many possibilities of internships that will allow The Raining Season to serve our kids and provide them with opportunities that not only suit their interests but also help them gain knowledge and experience that will help them in the future.

The Roots Project is growing and changing at a faster rate than ever before. Please join us in praying for its continued development, the staff that works with The Roots Project, and the young adults it serves.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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