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Thanksgiving Service

On November 27th, our kids held a special Thanksgiving service at The Covering’s church. 2022 has left our kids and staff with so much to celebrate and give thanks for. This Thanksgiving service was an opportunity to give thanks for all that the Lord has done and provided throughout the year. This service was extra special because our kids had the opportunity to invite some of their friends from school to the service. Community outreach has always been an important part of what The Raining Season does. Opening our school to the community and inviting the community to church are just two ways The Raining Season has had the opportunity to reach others in Freetown.

Pastor Daniel shared a message during the Thanksgiving service. Our kids also participated in many ways, they sang, and several shared in front of everyone. Praise God for the opportunity to share His word with others within the Freetown community!

We are able to celebrate and give thanks because you answered the call to support The Raining Season, and for that, we thank you! Please join us in praying for the classmates and community who attended the Thanksgiving worship service. We especially pray for those who heard about Jesus for the first time. May their hearts open and the Holy Spirit work within them.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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