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Meet "Nurse Sylvia"

Bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes, malaria, colds and personal hygiene. With nearly one-hundred children at the center, this month’s staff feature keeps busy. It is an honor to introduce you to Sylvia Massa Mansaray, “Nurse Sylvia.” Sylvia has been with The Raining Season as the head nurse for more than four years. She works to proactively keep the kids safe and healthy and takes care of them to get them back on their feet when they are under the weather.

Sylvia grew up with her grandmother in Moyamba. She was later sent to Freetown for three years to continue her education with her grandma's friend. Because of the war, Sylvia was sent to an orphanage where she spent most of her childhood. Growing up in an orphanage gives Sylvia another layer of compassion for children at the center. Sylvia said, “It makes me feel fulfilled to work for the less privileged because I was once in their position.”

Sylvia attended the United Methodist School Moyamba where she completed primary 1 to 3. She then traveled to Freetown to continue her primary school education. After completing primary school, Sylvia was sent to a boarding school called Harford, in Moyamba where she completed secondary school (high school). In 2004, after completing high school, she enrolled to complete a certificate in State Enrolled Community Health Nursing. After graduating, she also enrolled for a state registered nursing course. She is currently working to complete her Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Sylvia is an incredibly intelligent woman. She is calm when treating patients, putting them at ease. Not only does she treat the children, but she also teaches them personal hygiene as well as school and studying methods. She has stepped up to the challenge of taking care of a twelve-year-old boy that was recently taken into the center. He was paralyzed from the neck down in an accident. After spending 4 months in the hospital he came to the center under her care. She has shown extreme care for him as he continues to recover.

While her work at The Raining Season keeps Sylvia busy, she still finds time to give back to the community. Sylvia has taken in two girls from extended family that she cares for. Additionally, she runs workshops outside of the center to educate people on personal hygiene and basic self-care. Although rare in that culture, Sylvia is more proactive than reactive. She anticipates a potential problem and works to find a solution.

We are thankful for the compassion Sylvia shows the children at the center. Her knowledge, dedication, and heart for serving is evident. She is a true blessing to The Raining Season.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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