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Freetown's First Gala

On October 11, 2018, our third gala was held at Meadowhill Farms in Columbia, Tennessee. We were blessed with a wonderful gathering of supporters, entertainment, and a delicious dinner. We also had the opportunity to hear the experiences of those directly impacted by The Raining Season in some way. Founders, Jason and Erica Rust, along with Executive Director, Francis Pyle, shared an update on The Raining Season and our vision moving forward. Thank you to those who prayed over our evening and to those who came. We are thankful each day to be able to share The Raining Season and its mission with a growing group of supporters.

Now, we are excited to announce that on December 20th, 2018, our first gala will be held IN SIERRA LEONE! Mariama Keita, Communications + Partnership Advisor, USAID, has taken the initiative in planning this event.

Mariama was instrumental in the planning of the special celebration held at The Center in June of 2018. Once introduced to The Raining Season, it did not take her long to see the impact that The Raining Season was having in Sierra Leone, as well as its potential to grow.

The Raining Season thrives when people, like Mariama, link arms with us. She became an instant supporter of our organization and used her experience in Sierra Leone to support our vision and goal to build our own facilities in Sierra Leone. S

he has organized the event and invited people in Sierra Leone to learn more about The Raining Season and how they can support our vision. Mariama, thank you for linking arms with us. Thank you for believing in and supporting our vision.

Read what Mariama Keita had to say:

One hot summer day in July 2018, I walked into The Raining Season – a 24-hour orphan care facility that provides a “home away from home” to almost 100 children (infants, special needs and teenagers) living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and fell in love. Although it was through my work for a world leader in development aid that I discovered this, it is in a deeply personal way that I have discovered a new dream.

The Raining Season is more than an orphanage – it commits to its children wholly, with compassion and love. I am here to ask for your help in achieving our dream – the dream of building and owning our own facilities. On December 20, we are inviting donors to join us at a Gala Celebration to benefit this dream, at the Catco International Hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Only through a partnership with you and others will we achieve this goal. We invite your attendance and/or request your donation to support it.

We are, for the first time, inviting interested parties to learn more and join us in this worthy cause. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and music – there will be a talent showcase by the children and special guests, such as musician Emmerson Bockarie. See and hear success stories like that of Jayda Iye about her journey to self-reliance, and feel the warmth of this incredible group.

If you are in Sierra Leone, purchase a ticket for USD $30 and join us; If you can't make it, you can still sponsor a ticket. Tickets can be purchased by going to:

We welcome additional donations via this gofundme page. Thank you in advance for your contributions for this cause that means so much to me.”

Warm Regards,

Mariama Ciré Keïta

We are looking forward to the opportunity for some of our in-country staff and children from The Center to attend the gala on December 20th. Please join us in praying for the gala. We pray that our story will continue to be heard in Sierra Leone. We pray for an impactful night that will share the Gospel as well as our vision for the children who pass through the gates of The Raining Season.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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