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2022 Christmas Celebration

Happy New Year!

It was an exciting end to 2022 in Sierra Leone with our annual Christmas celebration. Our Christmas celebrations have become one of the most anticipated events of the year for our staff and children. Each year, we are able to make this an incredibly memorable tradition, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and friends.

This year, we are extra grateful for a special donation from Brunel Recycling Ltd., located in the United Kingdom. Brunel Recycling is a family-owned business with thirty employees that provides construction waste recycling services. Each year at Christmas, the company chooses a cause to donate to. In the past, they decorated one of their trucks to deliver Christmas presents to underprivileged schools. Another year, they delivered Christmas wish lists to children at the local hospital who could not go home for Christmas. This year, they chose to partner with The Raining Season for our annual Christmas celebration. Their donation went toward our party decorations, entertainment, and food. Thank you, Brunel Recycling, for your generosity this Christmas! We are grateful for your hearts for our children and your willingness to spread love beyond your own community.

The Christmas season at The Raining Season included several special activities, including decorating a Christmas tree at the girls' Roots house and a Christmas carol service at the TRS school. Our main event – the Christmas party was celebrated on December 21st. The party included Christmas decorations, a delicious meal, and dancing! Everyone had a fun time at the party, eating and celebrating with one another. In addition to the party, our children each received a new African dress outfit.

The Christmas celebration is only one of many ways your support goes above and beyond providing for our children's basic needs and so much more. We continue to see our kids not only surviving but thriving. Thank you for your prayers and support that help make it all possible. We look forward to the many ways the Lord will continue to bless us in the year ahead.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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