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Meet Auntie Mollynette

Did you know that as a sponsor of a child at The Raining Season you have the opportunity to Skype monthly with the children you sponsor? With ninety plus kids and hundreds of sponsors, you can imagine the work and planning that goes into organizing these calls. Stateside, Karen Pyle serves as the sponsorship coordinator. She sends out reminder emails and updates on the children to their sponsors. In Sierra Leone, Auntie Mollynette King is the Sponsorship Supervisor. Among other things, she is responsible for gathering the children for their Skype calls with sponsors. If you are lucky, you might catch a quick glimpse of Auntie Mollynette at the beginning of your monthly Skype call.

Auntie Mollynette began working with The Raining Season in January of 2012. She started as a volunteer but quickly knew that this was a place she would like to work. She wrote a letter of interest to The Raining Season in hopes of applying for a job. Soon after, Mollynette interviewed and accepted a position with TRS. Mollynette started in the Sponsorship Office. In 2014, she became the Sponsorship Supervisor, her current position.

Education is very important to Mollynette. She attended the six, three, three (6,3,3) model of Sierra Leone education, which includes Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary Education. After her Senior Secondary Education was complete, she went on to pursue her post-secondary education at the Institute of Commercial Management (I.C.M.). There, she earned a diploma in bookkeeping. Currently, Mollynette is attending the Institute of African Information Technology Holdings Ltd. (AITH) and pursuing a Diploma in Office Administration and Management.

Aside from education, family is also very important to Mollynette. She was raised by her mother and father. She also has a brother and two sisters. Mollynette is married to Oluwole King. Together, they have one daughter.

Auntie Mollynette is hardworking and kind. She is patient with our kids and a true asset to our organization. Mollynette enjoys helping the kids to achieve their goals by giving them positive advice. She is certainly a positive role model. She often serves not only as the Sponsorship Supervisor but also as a translator between kids and sponsors...a task she enjoys! The children all speak English, however, their heavy accents combined with connection issues sometimes makes it difficult to communicate over Skype. Thank goodness Auntie Mollynette comes to the rescue!

Auntie Mollynette, thank you for seven wonderful and dedicated years of service to The Raining Season! You are truly transforming the lives of the children you work with. We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you at TRS in the years to come!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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