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Meet Auntie Doris

It is always an honor to share our extraordinary staff with you. Our staff surpasses our expectations on so many levels. They love and disciple our children. They are part of redemption stories, and they provide consistency and stability to our children. Meet Auntie Doris Nasu Bockarie. Auntie Doris is one of many familiar faces at The Raining Season and an incredible member of our staff. She joined our staff over eight years ago. Auntie Doris received a National Diploma in Community Development Studies. She graduated from The Evangelical College of Theology in Jui, Sierra Leone. Auntie Doris was introduced to TRS through a friend. She applied, interviewed, and lucky for us, she was hired!

Like many of our staff members, she has worn a variety of hats as an employee of The Raining Season. Auntie Doris joined the staff on June 1st, 2011. She spent the first year and a half with The Raining Season as a caregiver. From there, she was promoted to a position as the Assistant Home Supervisor. It wasn’t long before she was once again promoted to the Home Supervisor. After many years of faithful service, she landed in her current role as an Assistant Social Worker. In this position, she assists Mohamed Kargbo with adoptions as well as the intake of new children.

Auntie Doris shared what she likes most about working at The Raining Season, “I like working at TRS because of the love and passion I have for kids, especially vulnerable children.” Her love and passion are both evident in her interactions with our children. She is kind and empathetic. She goes above and beyond and genuinely loves EACH child. She serves many of them in their most vulnerable state, when they first enter under our care.

Auntie Doris, we are thankful for you! Thank you for everything you do. We appreciate your kind and generous spirit. Thank you for loving and caring for the children as your own.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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