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2021 Christmas Celebration

Our yearly Christmas celebration has become one of the most anticipated events for our children. Each year, we are able to make this an incredibly memorable tradition, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and friends. This year was no different! Thank you to every single person who gave to our Christmas fund. Because of your generosity, our kids were able to create memories and receive special gifts this Christmas.

This year, our children received new everyday clothes and a new African dress outfit. The children love their new dress clothes, and they always look so sharp in their matching clothes. Our kids once again enjoyed a special meal and sodas for the Christmas party as they played games and enjoyed their time together. Everyone, especially the teenage girls, had fun getting ready for the party. We are excited to share many pictures with you from the day.

Thank you for your continued support all through the year. Because of sponsors and generous supporters, The Raining Season can continue putting on a Christmas party each year. When you give to our Christmas fund, you are not only giving to our kids and staff, but you are also supporting the tailor that makes the Christmas dress clothes, the shops where our staff purchases new everyday clothes for the kids, and the food vendors who provide the food for our Christmas meal, to name a few. You are not only helping The Raining Season care for the children, but you are also investing back in the local Freetown economy and helping to lift others out of poverty.

The Christmas celebration is only one of many ways your support goes above and beyond providing for our children's basic needs and so much more. We continue to see our kids not only surviving but thriving. Thank you for your prayers and support that help make it all possible. We are looking forward to the many ways the Lord will continue to bless us in the year ahead.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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