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2024 Travel Dates

There is something truly special about traveling with The Raining Season. We are still getting back into the swing of our full travel schedule that we experienced prior to COVID, but we are grateful for every trip since travel resumed last summer. We are grateful for the sacrifices our teams make to cover the financial cost, as well as time away from family and jobs.

There is still time to travel in 2023, but we are also announcing the start of our 2024 travel dates.

It is difficult to prepare your heart for the experience, and you will undoubtedly leave changed. Our children and staff welcome teams with open arms. You instantly become part of our TRS family. Every moment, from the welcome ceremony to the goodbye ceremony, the Holy Spirit is working. The Holy Spirit is working not only in our children, in our staff, and in the Freetown community but also in the travelers. We have seen relationships built that have changed countless lives.

It’s hard to know what to expect on your first trip to Sierra Leone. However, the reason so many people return again and again is because of the relationships they build with the children. They want the children at TRS to know someone loves and cares about them. If only for a little while, they get to be there with them in person. They get to show them love.

Our teams give our children the opportunity to experience special activities that are out of their regular routine. This might be a trip to the beach, dinner at the hotel, or an outing for ice cream. Not only are they showing our kids love, but they are also creating special memories that the children will carry with them in the years to come. Our staff is incredible, but they can do only so much with nearly one hundred kids. Our teams give the kids one-on-one attention that they very much crave, need, and deserve. They play with them, listen to them, and pray with them.

Will you join us in 2024 for an incredible week-long trip to our center in Sierra Leone? Our early 2024 travel dates have been set, and our team leaders are looking forward to once again guiding, loving, and serving alongside our teams. APPLY today!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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