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96 Reasons Why

There are ninety-six reasons why we say "yes" every day.

Meet Joseph. Joseph is seventeen years old and lives in the Hope Apartment. He was found wandering the streets of Freetown in June of 2016 when we took him in. Joseph has developmental delays and speaks very little. He is also extremely tall! Standing at over 6 feet, he is lovingly referred to as our gentle giant. Joseph loves to sing, give hugs, and spend time outside of the Hope Room with all of the kids. Even though Joseph is primarily non-verbal, he radiates joy. The Raining Season has become known in Freetown for the incredible care they give children with special needs. When you donate to the Matthew 25 Building Campaign, you ensure that children with special needs in Sierra Leone have a place where they can be loved and cared for, just as they deserve.

(Joseph pictured above)

Meet Alhassan. Alhassan and his twin brother Alusine are two of the newest children to come to our center. They came to The Raining Season in February of this year. Alhassan is five years old. His father passed away when his mother was only three months pregnant with him and his brother. Struggling to support her family, mom reached out to Social Welfare to place the boys in an orphanage. They were quickly placed in The Raining Season's care. When you support the Matthew 25 Building Campaign, you ensure that we can continue to welcome new children in need of refuge to The Covering. Your support ensures they have a place that will work to restore them from the inside out.

(Alhassan pictured above)

Meet Zainab. Zainab and her three siblings came to The Raining Season in 2012. She is seventeen years old. Zainab recently passed the National Primary School Exam, which will allow her to attend school outside the center this fall. Like so many of the children, Zainab counts on The Raining Season to provide a safe place to live. The Covering is the only home Zainab has known since she came to TRS. The stability it has provided over the past nine years has allowed Zainab not only to survive but thrive! When you support the Matthew 25 Building Campaign, you ensure that all of our children have the stability that lets them not only thrive but also lets them be kids, just as they deserve.

(Zainab pictured above)

Joseph, Alhassan, and Zainab are only three of the ninety-six children that call The Covering home. Each child has their own story, but they have one thing in common. They would not be where they are today without The Covering. Our goal is to raise $55,000 by August 31st. With two weeks to go, we still need to raise $40,940. We know we ask a lot of our supporters and sponsors. We depend on your generosity, and we are grateful that when a need arises, so many are willing and able to step in and support us financially. Sponsorship covers many things. However, at this point, it does not cover the cost of our building. Our goal is to be 100% funded through sponsorship, but until that day comes, we depend on our village and believe that the Lord will move mountains as this fundraiser nears its end.

The Covering is home to ninety-six children. That means it costs $573 per year to provide shelter to one child. Last week, we set a goal to hit fifty donations. We are currently sitting at twenty-six donations. Can you help us "cover" ten children at The Covering and hit fifty donations this week? Together, can we raise $5,730? They are counting on YOU! Donate today!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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