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A Celebration of Hope

We have highlighted the Hope Room at our center many times over the years. We’ve shared that for many children with special needs in Sierra Leone, there is no hope. However, The Raining Season is a refuge. It is a place that welcomes ALL children with open arms. At The Raining Season, The Hope Room is an apartment dedicated to caring for and nurturing children with special needs. The Hope Room provides a safe place for children to be loved and well cared for. We are thankful for the capabilities and resources to serve some of our most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone day in and day out.

Education is important, even for our children in the Hope Room. Like our older kids, some of our special needs children attend school outside the center. They are able to attend a school that specializes in their specific needs. James and Moses attend Milton Margai School for the Deaf and Dumb.

In May, the Milton Margai School for the Deaf and Dumb held its annual Thanksgiving Program. The Thanksgiving program is an opportunity to give thanks for all that the Lord has helped them to do throughout the year. They marched through the streets of Freetown and had special performances, including using sign language to interpret a song.

We are grateful for the opportunities in education that James and Moses are provided by attending Milton Margai School for the Deaf and Dumb. All of our children are currently enjoying a break from school. However, we are thankful for the many ways the Lord has blessed them in their education this year. Please join us in praying for the enrichment of their education and increased opportunities through education.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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