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A Special Celebration at The Covering

Our kids love a good birthday celebration—whether it is their own, another child's, one of our staff members, or a special guest to The Covering. Through the years, The Raining Season has been blessed by the generosity of others in Sierra Leone who choose to celebrate their birthdays at our center and give back to TRS. Often, they have learned about The Raining Season and the work we are doing in Sierra Leone and are inspired to give back and make a positive impact on others as they celebrate and give thanks for another birthday.

The Raining Season

The Raining Season was recently blessed by a very generous donation and celebration at The Covering.  Earlier this month, a special guest visited the center to celebrate her birthday with our children.  Not only did she provide a delicious meal, drinks, and cake for everyone, but she also brought a generous donation of consumable goods.  This included rice, onions, cooking oil, drinks, corn milk, and so much more.  The children enjoyed this special guest and the delicious meal and cake.  They sang happy birthday to her, and everyone celebrated together.

The Raining Season

The Raining Season children and staff are so grateful for the generous donation of goods that she brought to our center.  The items she brought are things we use often, so it is a blessing to be gifted these items.  We are truly grateful for the desire others have to impact our children's lives in a positive way and the time spent pouring into and serving them.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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