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An Update on Alie

Over the past fourteen years, we have watched our children grow and heal under our roof.  They have gone from merely surviving to thriving.  We have witnessed miracles and celebrated milestones together.  It is through your support that The Raining Season offers a safe place to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day.  Since December, we have welcomed two new children to the Covering.

We first introduced you to Alie when he came to our center in early December.  He is two and a half years old.  When Alie was placed with The Raining Season by Social Welfare, he was in immediate need of medical attention.  Because of this, he spent several weeks in the hospital until he was healthy enough to come to the Covering.  Alie is making steady improvements.  He continues to follow up with an appointment at the hospital each week for a check-up and also to replenish his medications.  Alie also receives specialized nutrition to help him gain weight and physiotherapy from a team that regularly visits the center.  In between those visits, the aunties are working with him to increase his mobility.  He enjoys spending time in the walker, and the older children enjoy playing and spending time with him.

Last week, we introduced you to Ruth.  Ruth is twelve years old.  She is settling into The Raining Season and getting to know the children.  As a new child at the Covering, you can show Ruth the love and support she needs through sponsorship and Skype.  One thing we know is that the smiles come with time and trust.  Imagine Ruth’s smile when she hears about her new sponsors!

Can you partner with The Raining Season to show Alie and Ruth the love and support they deserve?  Every child in our care is assigned multiple sponsors, enabling us to provide excellent care in the most difficult conditions.  Alie and Ruth each need nine sponsors to be fully sponsored.

Email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Karen Pyle, at to learn more. 

Many blessings, 

The Raining Season


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