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An Update on Siana Pyle

Redemption. So many stories of redemption have been beautifully woven in our fourteen years. Some stories seemed impossible at times, yet the journey has shown us that the sometimes dark and winding road is worth it every single time. Today, we have the opportunity to share an update on Siana Pyle, who was adopted from our center in 2015.

When Siana was thirteen years old, she came to our center. She described her experience and what it meant, "When I turned thirteen years old, that's when the trajectory of my life drastically transformed into something even up to now, I can only credit to God. That year, I came to The Raining Season orphanage, I gave my life to Christ, and I learned to read and write." Siana was raised by her grandmother from the time she was eighteen months old. When she turned thirteen, Siana and her two siblings came to The Raining Season. Siana remembers many firsts she experienced when she came to TRS, "TRS' first location was the most beautiful building I have ever seen. There were a lot of "firsts" for me when we came to the center: the first time I had my own bed, the first time I had three meals guaranteed to me, the first time I didn't have to fear the principal will kick me out if I didn't pay my school fees, the first time I never have to worry about school uniforms or supplies, the first time I knew when my birthday was, the first time someone took interest in teaching me how to read and write, the first time I celebrated Christmas for the right reasons."

Our children often come to The Raining Season abandoned, hurt, and oftentimes hopeless. Siana saw The Raining Season as a safe place that allowed her to slowly, piece by piece, be rebuilt and transformed from the inside out, "It was the last time someone hit me or abused me. The center was a safe haven for me. It was my home." She recalled the compassion and attention the staff gave them, specifically her younger sister, Jeneba, who was just a toddler when she came to TRS.

Sponsorship greatly impacted Siana during her time at The Raining Season. She understood that having multiple sponsors at the center was important for the orphanage to remain open. However, it meant so much more to Siana because she saw her sponsors as people who cared for her. They wanted Siana in their lives, and they were investing in her so her life would have a better outcome. She looked forward to Skyping with her sponsors and was grateful when her sponsors visited The Raining Season with a team. It was really special to Siana when some of her sponsors became her forever family and then her adoptive family. Siana still keeps in touch with some of her sponsors today because of the impact they had on her. Those sponsors continue to stay in touch with Siana and encourage her.

Today, Siana is twenty-six years old. She is the fourth of six children in the Pyle family. Her older sister, Erica, is the Founder of The Raining Season, and her mom, Karen, is The Raining Season's Sponsorship Coordinator. Her two younger siblings, Amidu and Jeneba, were also adopted from TRS. Transitioning to the American culture was not easy for Siana, but having the love and support of such a large family was helpful. Siana enjoys working out, cooking, dancing, and sightseeing. As a recent graduate, nursing school kept Siana very busy, but she still stays in touch with many of her friends from the center who have also been adopted by families in America as well as other friends still in Sierra Leone.

Siana recently graduated from College of the Ozarks in Ozark, Missouri. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. This past July, Siana accepted a job at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota – a job she had dreamed of. Her number one goal has always been to pursue education and graduate from college, and she is already thinking about getting her Master's or Doctorate degree. Siana's decision to become a nurse was inspired by Aunty Nurse Patricia, who often visited The Raining Season when Siana was there. She admired how Nurse Patricia cared for and comforted the children with such humility. She also recognized that nurses were limited in Sierra Leone, and becoming a nurse might one day open the door to return to Sierra Leone and serve. For now, Siana is going to focus on what is in front of her and absorb and learn as much as she can before she is called somewhere else.

Siana has overcome so much, but her faith is unwavering. She dreams of one day returning to Sierra Leone and opening a nursing school, and once again, her faithfulness and obedience is relentless. Siana shared, "It's scary saying that out loud, but I believe it's something God has been preparing me for. I cannot tell you how it would be done; however, if it is God's Will, it will happen."

Siana, thank you for sharing YOUR story and how The Raining Season and sponsorship impacted you. We are proud of you and everything you have overcome and accomplished. We look forward to watching your story continue to unfold and for the impact you will have on so many lives. Best wishes in Minnesota!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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