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April Update

This week, we have a couple of quick updates from Sierra Leone to share with you. The kids have been busy with their school work, but there has still been time for some fun and exciting activities in between.

March Birthdays

On March 26th, our March birthdays were celebrated. We continue to hold monthly birthday celebrations to celebrate birthdays at the center. On the final Saturday of each month, all of our kids gather to celebrate the birthdays from that month. Auntie Marie and the girls at the Roots House make a cake, and the celebrants enjoy a meal, soda, and cake. They love being celebrated by their friends and enjoy the treats that accompany the birthday celebrations.

Sports Day

On March 31st, our kids that attend school outside of the center participated in their annual Sports Day. It was the first Sports Day since March 2019 as COVID-19 canceled the event the past two years. Our kids look forward to this special day every year. The kids wear matching shirts, compete in events, and have fun with their friends. This year, our kids participated in a variety of events, including running races and the three-legged race.

Upcoming Exams

As the school year begins to wind down, our kids are busy preparing for their exams. Several of our young adults will be taking the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination in May. Passing this exam will allow them to enroll in University. These young adults have been studying hard to prepare for this exam that is only offered once a year. In addition to their regular studies, they have been participating in a test prep with a tutor after school during the week. Please join us in praying for these kids as they make their final preparations and take the exam.

Mary’s Matriculation Ceremony

Earlier this year, we shared the exciting news that Mary passed the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination! She has enrolled at Milton Margai College and began taking classes. In late February, she attended the Matriculation Ceremony, where she officially started her university experience.

Thank you for your continued support. We are grateful for the way the Lord provides for TRS through you, our biggest supporters, prayer warriors, and cheerleaders.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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