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Can You Help Us?

We are embarking on a bold campaign in the month of May with a goal of joining hands with 25 new sponsors and increasing 25 current sponsorships for the children at The Covering. While the goal is big, we know nothing is impossible with your support. Growing our sponsorship will ensure that we continue to provide a safe place for our kids to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day.

The Raining Season's goal is to be 100% funded through sponsorship. However, until we meet that goal, other fundraisers like our Building Campaign and Meet the Need campaigns help The Raining Season fill in the gaps, providing the necessities where sponsorship falls short. Currently, only six children at The Raining Season are fully sponsored, meaning they average ten sponsors, each giving $45 per month. This money covers all of the child's needs and all of the care provided by TRS. While we are thankful for our children's many sponsors and would not be where we are without them, we still have nearly ninety children who need additional sponsors to meet our goal.

This week, can you help us get twins Alusine and Alhassan fully sponsored? They each need three sponsors to be fully sponsored. Alusine and Alhassan came to our center in February 2021. Their father passed away while their mother was only three months pregnant with them. Their mom reached out for help, and The Raining Season was able to welcome them into the TRS family. The twins are seven years old and attend the preschool program at our primary school. They both enjoy playing with their friends and have smiles that light up a room! To sponsor Alusine or Alhassan, you can sign up HERE, or if you have questions, email

How can you help us meet our goal this month?

Pray! We have created downloadable prayer cards for EIGHT children who are in need of sponsors. Choose a child, print the prayer card, and hang it in your home. Commit to praying for that child daily. Pray that they will know Jesus and know that they are loved. Pray that in the month of May, these children will be fully sponsored.

Share! Share a prayer card with a friend. Invite them to join you in praying for a child at TRS in May. Share why sponsorship has been important to you and your family, and ask if they would consider partnering with The Raining Season through the gift of sponsorship.

Sponsor! Can you increase your monthly sponsorship of a child you are already sponsoring? Or you have never sponsored and could consider sponsoring one of our eight in need of sponsorship. Can you connect us with others in your circle that would be willing to link arms with us through sponsorship? To increase your monthly giving, please reach out to

We look forward to counting the ways God helps us achieve our goal of 25 new sponsorships and 25 increased sponsorships together over the next month! We are excited to tell Alusine and Alhassan that they are fully sponsored. It is because of people like YOU that our kids continue to grow and flourish. Our goal is big, but God is BIGGER! We have faith that He will continue to provide for our needs. We have faith that He will move mountains in May and in 2023.

Thank you for the many ways you continue to support The Raining Season. It takes a village, and we could not do it without you!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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