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Celebrating Freedom at The Covering

Independence Day is a very important holiday in both America and Sierra Leone.  In Sierra Leone, it is celebrated on April 27th each year.  Many of our American supporters are preparing to celebrate their Independence Day on July 4th.  For both countries, Independence Day represents freedom.

Because of your support and encouragement, as well as a staff that cares for and disciples them, our children experience freedom every day.  They experience freedom in Christ, freedom from the burden of sin, freedom from fear, freedom from poverty, and freedom from hunger.  They experience freedom to pursue their dreams through education and hope for a better future.   

The Raining Season is committed to fighting for the rights of orphaned and discarded children in Sierra Leone until there is freedom from the orphan crisis.  Your support of The Raining Season is crucial in empowering TRS to continue its mission, to grow, dream, and envision an even better future for the children we serve in Sierra Leone.  We are grateful for your willingness to link arms with us as we fight for this mission TOGETHER.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

The Raining Season


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