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Center Update

Eleven weeks ago we transitioned into our lockdown procedures. While our kids and staff are safe and healthy, it has been eleven weeks since our kids have been to school. Eleven weeks that many of our staff members have spent extensive time away from their own families caring for our children, and eleven weeks since our children have been able to Skype with their sponsors.

Despite the hardships and obstacles, we are happy to share some good news, too. Our kids have been receiving letters from their sponsors at an incredible rate. Our staff members also received their bonuses yesterday thanks to Amalia’s fundraiser that we shared last week. Thank you for continuing to support The Raining Season throughout this time.

Our Executive Director, Sorie Kamara, shared an update on the center, our kids, and our staff:

“The kids and staff are all doing good. Everyone is well to God be the glory.

The kids have study plans during the lockdown coordinated by their aunties. They received notes and other study materials from their schools (both inside school and outside school). They are working on the study materials at home. A few weeks ago the kids in the inside school took their exams supervised by the home supervisor. The teachers prepared the questions and sent them to the home supervisor.

The lockdown operates like their normal days in the center. They will have time to work on their school work and playtime follows immediately after they have rested, and as always in the evening they have their devotion in their various apartments.

At the center, we ended having a complete lockdown where the current staff working will continue to work with no rotation of shifts. We are thankful that we have staff that can make such huge sacrifices.

In Sierra Leone, we are still having cases but it is not as bad as other countries. Our total accumulated cases are still below a thousand and forty-six deaths. We are on partial lockdown where people are not allowed to move out of Freetown to upcountry and vice versa. At night we have curfew starting at 9 p.m. to 6:30 in the morning. Market and other businesses are still operating but prices of commodities keep going up constantly. We have had two complete lockdowns of 3 days each.”

Sorie shared some specific prayer requests for The Raining Season. Join us in praying that COVID-19 continues to remain under control in Sierra Leone. We pray for the staff that is working non-stop to care for our children. We pray for their strength and courage to continue working diligently. Pray for peace in Sierra Leone. Although it is under control, there has been some political unrest in Sierra Leone. Also, join us in praying for the raining season that will begin soon. We know that the rains in July, August, and September can be relentless. We pray for protection from the rains and protection against disaster.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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