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How a High School Sophomore Gave Back to The Raining Season

It is an honor to share the story of teens giving back two weeks in a row. Last week, we shared about a generous donation by the Interact Club at College Park Academy in Riverdale Park, Maryland. This week, we are excited to share how Lily Erb, a sophomore in high school and a member of Trinity Church in Papillion, Nebraska gave back to The Raining Season. These teens are not only serving their communities, but they are also impacting others on a global level, and we are grateful for their hearts to serve others.

As a member of Trinity Church in Papillion, Nebraska, The Raining Season is no stranger to Lily.

Trinity Church has been a big supporter of The Raining Season since nearly the very beginning. Church members have sponsored, traveled, and donated to TRS regularly over the years. In July, Lily had a unique way to give back to The Raining Season.

As the American Red Cross experienced critical blood shortages, Lily hosted a blood drive through the American Red Cross at Trinity Church. Blood drives were not new to Lily or the church. Lily remembered helping at blood drives at the church growing up. When she was only seven years old, she would help by making thank you signs, helping with sign-in, and making sure that donors received their post-donation snacks. Earlier this year, Lily noticed that the church had not had a blood drive recently, so she decided to step in and organize one. While planning, a Red Cross representative reached out to Lily about the Community Club Program. As part of the Community Club Program, the Red Cross would give money back to a charity for every pint donated. Because of Trinity Church’s strong ties to The Raining Season, Lily decided to give back to TRS. The July blood drive had such an incredible turnout that they raised $400 for The Raining Season! Lily is already working with the Red Cross to plan future blood drives, including one this October and again in February and June.

Thank you, Lily and the Trinity Church community, for your continued support of The Raining Season. Thank you for choosing TRS as the recipient of your donation. It is because of people like you that The Raining Season can continue our work in Sierra Leone. Part of our mission is to raise up a new generation, that will in turn bring hope for generations to come. We are grateful to see that mission not only being fulfilled in Sierra Leone but also by those who serve and support The Raining Season.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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