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How Sponsorship Impacts Aminata

Since we first opened our doors in 2009, we have called three centers home. We have watched our children grow, heal, and thrive under our roof. They have passed exams, been spiritually nurtured, and developed relationships with their sponsors. But most importantly, because of your support, The Raining Season offers a safe place to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day.

Last September, we welcomed ten new children to our center. It is through the gracious support of people like you that when there is a child in need, The Raining Season can say yes. Ninety-three children currently call The Raining Season home. Ninety-three children have a bed to sleep in, aunties and uncles to care for them, three meals a day, and the chance to go to school.

Aminata is one of the ten children we welcomed to our center last September. She was part of the largest intake we have had in many years. When we first opened our doors, we made a commitment to raising a new generation that would be healed from the inside out. We want each life to become a ripple of change, bringing hope for generations to come. Our sponsorship program is vital to this commitment.

Aminata is thirteen years old. In September, she joined her brothers Alusine and Alhassan at The Covering. She was living with her mother, however, she was a single mother and struggled to care for Aminata. Unfortunately, there were no other family members to help her care for her. Because the environment they were living in was not a good place for a young girl to grow up, she decided to go to the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, and Aminata was placed at The Raining Season where she was quickly welcomed by our staff and children.

Aminata’s favorite food is cassava leaves. All of our children receive three meals a day, clean water, and vitamins. They don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Because of sponsorship, Aminata has access to nutritious food every day.

Education is important to Aminata. She is in grade eight and does very well in school. Her favorite subject is science, and she especially enjoys studying temperature and energy. When she finishes school, Aminata dreams of becoming an actress or a caterer. Because of sponsorship, our kids have opportunity through education.

At The Covering, Aminata also receives spiritual nurturing every day. Pastor Daniel and the rest of our staff disciple the children through church, bible studies, and devotions. Aminata’s favorite bible verse is Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” This is her favorite verse because it teaches her to ask and to patiently wait for God.

Since coming to The Raining Season last September, Aminata has grown in her faith, excelled in school, and has begun to get to know her sponsors. Thank you for being a part of Aminata’s story at The Raining Season. Because of people like you, Aminata can look forward to a bright future. Aminata’s story might have looked very different had it not been for The Raining Season. Now, she has hopes and dreams and, because of The Raining Season, a chance that those hopes and dreams just might become a reality.

Aminata is grateful for her sponsors. As Aminata’s sponsor, you will also have the opportunity to Skype with her monthly to remind her just how loved she is! The Covering allows us to provide a safe and nurturing home for Aminata and her brothers together. Your sponsorship helps to provide a staff focused solely on their care. Aminata shared, “Sponsorship improves the way I think about myself. I can do more with my studies as I have the opportunity to study in a safe environment.”

Can you partner with The Raining Season through sponsorship? Just like Aminata’s favorite bible verse, we ask you to partner with us so that more kids can be like Aminata and have the opportunity to seek Christ and knock at the door so He can open it for them. Can you share Aminata’s story? Because every child in our care is assigned multiple sponsors, which enables us to provide excellent care in the most difficult of conditions, Aminata needs seven more sponsors to be fully sponsored. Click to SPONSOR AMINATA or another child at the center. What better way to end the school year than to be able to tell her about her new sponsors?! Thank you for being part of our village.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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