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June Wrap Up

We blinked, and June is nearly over. Slowly but surely, things are returning to normal at The Raining Season. Our in-country and American side staff continue to evaluate conditions in Sierra Leone as we work towards lifting lockdown protocols and consider the return of travel. While not as busy as a typical June, the month still brought many reasons to be thankful and celebrate.

New Poda

Last week, we were blessed to receive our new TRS poda (van). A reliable means of transportation is crucial as our children depend on it for transportation to and from school as well as medical appointments and court dates. As we look forward to teams beginning to travel once again, our teams will also certainly notice the upgrade. Sorie shared this about the new van, “One of the most exciting things about the van is that it is more comfortable than all the vans we have ever had at the center with comfortable seats and air conditioning working too. The van will be a great asset, not only for transporting kids and staff but also for teams. Recently, we have had serious constraints with transportation as most of the time our old van is faulty and not comfortable, especially with teams. We are almost always at the mechanic workshop to repair the old van. The old van can still be useful but mostly transporting goods for the center.”

Joshua’s Meet the Need

Last week, we launched a special “Meet the Need” campaign to raise the funds for one year of a new medication for Joshua. In less than two days, the Lord showed us His faithfulness as our village showed up and raised enough to cover Joshua’s new medication for not one but TWO YEARS! We are forever grateful for the many ways you continue to show up day in and day out. We continue to pray that this new medication will help support Joshua’s needs and provide relief from his increasing seizures and behaviors related to his diagnosis.

Summer Break

The kids are wrapping up school for the summer. Many of them are currently on a study break to prepare for their final exams. Soon, they will return to their classrooms to take their final exam before beginning their summer break. Our kids have worked incredibly hard this school year. We are proud of them and everything they have overcome. Please join us in praying for our children as they prepare for and take their final exams for the school year - that their knowledge and skill will be demonstrated on their exams.

Thank you for your continued support. We are continuously humbled by the way the Lord provides for TRS through you, our biggest supporters, prayer warriors, and cheerleaders. Join us in praying for our staff as they continue to evaluate COVID-19 protocols and what is best for our children. We also pray for a return to travel. Our children and staff alike have missed the regular visits of teams, and we know how many of our supporters are also anxious to get their feet back on the ground to love and serve our children and staff. Until then...

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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