June Wrap Up

We blinked, and June is nearly over. Slowly but surely, things are returning to normal at The Raining Season. Our in-country and American side staff continue to evaluate conditions in Sierra Leone as we work towards lifting lockdown protocols and consider the return of travel. While not as busy as a typical June, the month still brought many reasons to be thankful and celebrate.

New Poda

Last week, we were blessed to receive our new TRS poda (van). A reliable means of transportation is crucial as our children depend on it for transportation to and from school as well as medical appointments and court dates. As we look forward to teams beginning to travel once again, our teams will also certainly notice the upgrade. Sorie shared this about the new van, “One of the most exciting things about the van is that it is more comfortable than all the vans we have ever had at the center with comfortable seats and air conditioning working too. The van will be a great asset, not only for transporting kids and staff but also for teams. Recently, we have had serious constraints with transportation as most of the time our old van is faulty and not comfortable, especially with teams. We are almost always at the mechanic workshop to repair the old van. The old van can still be useful but mostly transporting goods for the center.”