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Meet Alhaji

This week, Alhaji is our latest child to be recognized in our ongoing How it Started - How it’s Going feature.

How it Started - Alhaji came to The Raining Season in September 2019. He was estimated to be about nine years old, but unfortunately, we had no official birthdate or any information about his past. However, coming to The Raining Season meant Alhaji would have a safe place to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day.

How it’s Going - Today, Alhaji is twelve years old. As you can see in the pictures, Alhaji is growing bigger and stronger each day. He is healthy and looks forward to playing soccer with his friends. He enjoys studying and reading, and he excels in school. Alhaji also likes to help his aunties in his apartment. One of his favorite chores is sweeping in the morning. He also likes to sing. His favorite song to sing is, ”Good Morning Jesus, good morning Lord, I know you came from Heaven above.” Alhaji shared about his time at The Raining Season saying, “God gave me a good life and changed my life in a good way.”

Alhaji’s story would have looked very different had it not been for The Raining Season. We may not know his past, but we know who holds his future. Thank you for being a part of Alhaji’s story and for helping him achieve his hopes and dreams.

Are you interested in helping The Raining Season continue to grow through sponsorship? You can sponsor Alhaji or another child at TRS. Email to learn more.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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