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Meet Lansana

One of our favorite things to do is share our amazing children with you. Our kids are extraordinary, hardworking, resilient, intelligent, determined, and so much more.

Meet Lansana. Lansana is seven years old. He loves to dance, and he is crazy about school.  He works very hard in school, and it shows! Your sponsorship provides Lansana with 24/7 care, housing, food, medical attention, caretakers, and his beloved schooling.  Do you want to help give Lansana the future he deserves?   

Lansana is in need of sponsors.  When you say “yes” to sponsorship for $45 a month, you can make a difference in Lansana’s life. Your sponsorship provides the opportunity to develop a relationship with the child you sponsor. Your sponsorship gives them something to look forward to and someone to count on. We hope to provide sponsors that they can celebrate their achievements with. 

As always, thank you for your continued support! We are so grateful for the sacrifices our sponsors make to love and support our kids at the center. Join us in continuing to pray for our kids that they may know they are loved and see Jesus through their sponsors.  

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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