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Meet Pastor William

In February, The Raining Season welcomed a new pastor, Pastor William TM Wleh, to its staff. We have hinted at his arrival, but we are excited to formally introduce him to the TRS family this week. Pastor William will serve as the main pastor of The Raining Season, providing pastoral care, counseling, and spiritual answers to problems that arise within the center or Roots homes. He will also continue to promote community outreach in areas close to The Covering.

The Raining Season

In its search for a new pastor, TRS’s management knew that finding an experienced pastor would be a great asset to the organization. Pastor William was chosen as the new pastor of The Raining Season after TRS’s management reached out to him. Our management staff was aware of the good work he was doing in ministry and the profound impact that he could have on our children and the community. Pastor William had dreamed of making a difference in the lives of the orphaned and accepted the role as The Raining Season’s pastor.

Pastor William is highly qualified, having twenty-nine years of experience in ministry. He received a diploma in Theology, is certified in business process outsourcing, and has held other management positions. While Pastor William has spent many years in ministry as a pastor, evangelist, and Sunday school teacher, he has also devoted his time as a marketing supervisor, call center manager, storekeeper, teacher, coach, mentor, and motivator. Pastor William and his wife, Agnes, have five children ranging from age twenty to five. Their children, Angela, Dennisha, Robert, Obi, and little Angela, all attend school, with the oldest being in university and the youngest in kindergarten.    

Pastor William is not just ready but anxious to take on this new role with The Raining Season and all that it will entail. He sees it as a challenge, but one he is fully committed to.  He knows he is taking over a role that has been well-established, but he is looking forward to developing relationships with the children, staff, and community. Pastor William is eager to help fulfill the mission of TRS and envisions it being replicated in other parts of Sierra Leone.  He shared, “I am here to stay, make sacrifices, and God willing, make the meaningful contributions needed and bring laurels.”

The Raining Season

Join us in welcoming Pastor William to the TRS family and praying for him as he continues to settle into his new role and builds relationships with our children, staff, and the surrounding community. We are grateful for this answer to prayer, as we know what an important role having a pastor on staff is.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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