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Ms. Monica's Time in Sierra Leone

In January of this year, The Raining Season had the opportunity to welcome a very special volunteer to work with our younger children as an Early Childhood Literacy Teacher. Ms Monica Robert spent time volunteering at the Raining Season on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Monica Robert is Liberian and has been accompanying her husband on an assignment in Sierra Leone. She obtained a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Agriculture from the University of Liberia in 2015, as well as an Early Childhood Teaching Certificate from Moreland University in Washington DC in 2021. She is married with three children, a son and two daughters. She was connected to The Raining Season by Mariama Keita. Mariama Keita is the same person who not only helped bring Emerson to our center in 2018 but also organized The Raining Season’s first gala in Sierra Leone in 2018. Mariama is a friend of Monica’s husband and shared about The Raining Season with him. After hearing about TRS, they decided to visit our center to see how they could support TRS as a family. With her expertise in early childhood education, a role with our pre-k students seemed like a perfect fit.

During her time at the center, Monica worked with our pre-k learners on various early literacy skills, including letters, colors, days of the week, and so much more. Monica shared what she enjoyed about volunteering at The Raining Season, “Everything - from the warm welcome I received every morning to the endless goodbyes every afternoon! I love the friendly and supportive nature of the TRS environment, but, best of all, I absolutely admire the children’s enthusiasm and readiness to learn new things! Kiddos, you will be missed dearly by Ms. Monica!”

We are so grateful for her time with our children and sad to see her time in Sierra Leone ending. Thank you, Ms. Monica, for the time you spent volunteering at The Raining Season. Thank you for pouring into our pre-k learners and sparking their passion for learning through fun and engaging activities. Having someone with expertise in this area is giving some of our youngest children a strong start to their education. Ms. Monica shared this about her time at The Raining Season, “It’s been a total joy and pleasure working with the TRS family. There was no dull moment with the kids and the staff alike. Every Monday and Wednesday spent at TRS was truly enjoyed and appreciated, thank you for the opportunity!”

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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