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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

On your mark, get set, go! On March 6th, our kids that attend school outside of the center at Rising Academy participated in their annual Sports Day at school. Sports Day is held each year as part of their school’s extracurricular activities. Our kids are excited about this special day every year. They work incredibly hard in school, so this special day to compete, cheer on their classmates, and have fun is something they look forward to. It teaches them teamwork, perseverance, hard work, and sportsmanship. The kids wear matching shirts that distinguish their classes, and the kids who compete love competing against their classmates.

This year, the event was held at a field that belongs to the military. The school does not have a place large enough to hold the meet, so they have to rent out a space for Sports Day. Because it was at a military field this year, our staff couldn’t capture action photos, but we still have lots of great photos from the day to share. Not all of the kids compete, but if their teachers think they will be good at a certain event, then they participate in that event. The rest of the kids cheer on their classmates while they compete. We had kids competing and cheering. They participated in events like the 100 and 200-meter sprints, 4-by-100-meter relay, long jump, and longer distance races.

We are so grateful our kids have the opportunity to experience fun days like this. As you can imagine, any chance to step away from everyday activities and get out of the classroom will be celebrated. Exams are coming soon, and the kids will be busy studying in preparation. This event allowed them to escape the regular school day and have fun competing and cheering on their friends.

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. We are thankful for the many ways you show up to cheer on our kids all through the year.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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