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Rice for Our Staff

Over the years, through the generosity of people like you, we have been able to bless our staff for going above and beyond. During the pandemic, we shared the story of nine-year-old Amalia, who, with a little help, created sixty-three pieces of artwork, one in honor of each staff member, to raise money for our staff. By the end of the project, she had raised enough money to bless each staff member with a $60 bonus as a thank you. Each year at Christmas, through your support, we can treat our children to new clothes and a party and bless our staff with a small bonus. Those are just two examples of how you have stepped in to support our staff.

Our staff is amazing. They love, care for, and disciple our children as their own. During Ebola and again during COVID-19, they put their lives on hold to serve and protect our children. They regularly make sacrifices for our kids, and we are so grateful for each and every staff member. That is why, when a need arises, we do what we can to support our staff.

Currently, inflation continues to impact our staff in Sierra Leone. Prices on everyday goods have risen quickly over the past year. Our staff is feeling this through the rising cost of food, including rice, electricity, and gasoline, to name a few. Last year, a large bag of rice weighing approximately one hundred ten pounds was $20, and today it has doubled to $40. You can imagine the impact this has had on our staff.

Beginning last month, The Raining Season made the decision to supplement our staff’s income by providing them with half a bag of rice, approximately fifty-five pounds, each month for the next four months. We pray this will help to ease the burden and stress that inflation has caused, and hopefully, over the next several months, inflation will begin to level out. What happened next was an answer to prayer. Thanks to a generous donation, we will be able to meet this need for our staff without ever sharing this need. God is good, and sometimes, He provides before we even have the opportunity to ask. Uncle Osseh, our co-founder, shared that our staff truly appreciates this rice, and it is easing their stress a bit.

Thank you for giving back, loving, and serving our staff. They show up every day regardless of circumstances. They love our children as their own, believing in and encouraging them. They are the hands and feet of Jesus at The Raining Season. Please continue to lift them up in prayer and encourage them. Thank you for being part of our village!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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Faith Stine
Faith Stine
Sep 19, 2023

I love this so much!

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