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Summer Break at The Raining Season

This week, we are taking a peek inside our center during summer break. Each year, our kids are on break from school from July to early September. End of the year exams are complete, and our children are already anxiously looking forward to next school year. Our kids worked incredibly hard this school year, and we are proud of them and everything they have overcome. Their summer break is relatively quiet because it rains nearly every day, and the rains are very heavy at times. The break from school lines up with the heaviest rains of the season, so it is a nice time to be in and out of the rain.

Their days begin at 7 a.m. when they wake up. They spend the morning eating breakfast and doing their chores. Then, they have free time in their apartments. Sometimes they will watch a movie, hang out in their apartment, braid hair, read, or study. The kids also take turns helping out in the kitchen to prepare the meals. After lunch, they have quiet time where many of the younger children rest, and the older children read or study. Around 4 p.m., if it is not raining, they go outside to play. The boys enjoy playing soccer, and the girls enjoy jumping rope and socializing outdoors. In the evening, around 6 p.m., they do devotions. Some evenings devotions are done together in their apartments, while several evenings a week, everyone comes together for devotions outdoors. The children have continued to take turns participating in and leading devotions. Once devotions are finished, the kids return to their apartments to begin preparing for bed.

Summer schedules are more relaxed without school, and many of our children welcome the break. Our kids would love to be out of their apartments more, but with the consistent rains, they spend more time indoors. Join us in praying for our kids as they rest and recharge for the new school year. We also pray for protection and safety from the rains both at our center and throughout Sierra Leone.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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