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The Covering Photo Tour

We have called The Covering home for nearly nine years. It has welcomed children in their most vulnerable states, and it provides a safe haven for the children it serves. In nine years, we have dug a well, built a garden, and welcomed teams to our center with open arms. The Covering has become a home away from home for so many of our supporters. When they see pictures, it instantly takes them back. There is the walk up the driveway to the center—the sound of the children playing outside. The sights and sounds remain ingrained in our minds, and they become a part of us.

The sense of familiarity and a family across the ocean for our supporters is nothing compared to what The Covering provides for the children we serve. The Covering may be the name of a building, but our hope is that behind the walls is a place of refuge—a place where the eyes of children will one day shine again. Restoring a child is a long journey, a rebirth from the inside out. However, The Covering is a haven where children can be children—a place where they can celebrate birthdays and be tucked in each night—a place where they can go to school and church. The Covering is a place that protects and nurtures them.

This week, we are taking you on a tour of the compound to give you a better look at what our rent covers. To some, it may be just a building. To the children we love and serve, it is so much more.

The Covering is made up of four large, apartment-style buildings. Three of the buildings are almost entirely designated as living spaces for our kids. There is an apartment that houses our babies and toddlers, The Hope Apartment that serves our children with special needs, and the remaining apartments are divided by age and gender. The fourth building serves many purposes. There is a room for the children to Skype with their sponsors, and the upstairs is a large open space that meets a variety of our needs. It serves as a space for our school, church, staff meetings, and birthday celebrations.

Also within the compound is a small building for our nurse to do wellness checks as well as treat injuries and illness. There is a paved space for our kids to run, play soccer and basketball and jump rope outdoors. A connecting gate leads to an open grass area with a kitchen where, often with the children's help, our cooks prepare three meals a day. This space also includes a well that provides clean water, and next to the well is a garden. The entire compound is protected by a concrete security fence that keeps our children safe. Because of the space we have, we are able to nearly 100% meet the needs of our children without ever needing to leave the compound.

Children often come to The Raining Season hurt and abandoned. But just look at what a building filled with love can do. The children begin to shine, and their souls awaken. Their walls come down, and they find refuge inside of ours. Their pasts do not have to define them. We hope that this month, you will join us in our Matthew 25 Building Campaign. We need $46,940 to meet our goal of $55,000 by August 31st. Your tax-deductible DONATION will help us continue to continue our mission in Sierra Leone. Could you help us help them shine?

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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